Lysanne Larose. A white woman leans forward, with her elbows on a table that displays white and ice blue sculptures. She is outside. She wears glasses, a green coat and a scarf. Behind her, a brick wall with windows.

Lysanne Larose

Canadian artist

A mostly self-taught emerging ceramic artist who favours handbuilding techniques, Lysanne Larose is exploring the evocative forms and surfaces of glacial erratics, which are the boulders that were left behind when the ice-age ended, in a series of large scale sculptures destined for installation. Her intention is not to perfectly replicate a mossy granite boulder, but rather to offer up an informed and inspired interpretation of these 'wandering' rocks and the contexts in which they are found.
A connected project will be based on the charismatic icebergs and glaciers of the Canadian North, threatened by climate change.
Finally, she has begun a conceptual series of sculptures that will speak to the sources of conflict around the world.